DataMaster Appraisal Tool Presentations - June 12th

Would you like to be able to complete more than one appraisal a day?  Would you like to cut an hour of research time and data transfer from the MLS into your reports?  Would you like to improve your income?  I’m sure your answers would be YES, YES AND YES!

I have just seen a new techno tool called Datamaster that has finally arrived in the Chicago market through MRED.  No exaggeration folks, this is by far one of the best appraisal tools to come out in our industry in a long time.  The benefits are too many to list.  When I saw this product I asked our chapter for permission to offer FREE presentations to our fellow residential appraisers and they agreed.  We will be offering 2 – two hour presentations on June 12th, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  (They are the same presentations.  I just wanted to give everyone a larger opportunity to fit it into their busy schedules). 

I would urge all appraisers to sign up and learn more about DataMaster.  You don’t want to miss this presentation.  This is clearly the future of our profession…the marriage of big data and professional appraisers. I want to thank our Chapter for hosting this event.  I often hear appraisers ask for more programs for the residential appraisers.  Well here is a great one and it is FREE.  Here are the times, location, registration links and more info on the product from DataMaster themselves.  I hope to see you there.  Please share this email with your fellow appraisers.


Date:               Tuesday June 12th

Location:        Mainstreet Association of Realtors

                        6655 Main Street

                        Downers Grove, IL 60516

Times:             Morning Presentation

                        9:30 – 11:30

                        Afternoon Presentation

                        1:00 – 3:00

                        Only sign up for one presentation please

Registration:  Scroll down on the registration page to enter your contact info.  There is no charge for this event!


DataMaster will empower you to save an hour per report and get the peace of mind of knowing you’re in control of your appraisals. DataMaster’s patented process gathers data from MRED and public records and places it where you need it when you need it. Their software was built by appraisers who recognized the need to give you tools to supplement your established workflow instead of making you change what you’ve always done.

DataMaster is unique in the marketplace because they bring you information and data you don’t get anywhere else. By working with MRED, DataMaster can access the same databases MRED uses to store and display data. 

For example, with DataMaster’s software, you get all the data you need to complete your 1004 MC - Market Conditions report, including intuitive graphs that support your expertise. You can also view all the MLS photos within DataMaster and make your Quality of Construction and Conditions decisions directly within the software. Another feature you’ll love that will save you time and energy is DataMaster’s maps. Right in their software, you can view a bird’s eye map of your selected properties and the street view so you can make your location and view decisions.

There are many more features to be excited about. Sign up at to be there when we unveil DataMaster for the first time in Chicago.

DataMaster also formats the data according to your instructions, so your reports are clear and consistent, adding credibility, after all, your signature is at the bottom of each report. Their patent-pending custom formatting process means you can sleep well knowing your data meets your needs and the needs of your clients. DataMaster works with ACI, alamode, Bradford, and SFREP.  With DataMaster, you’re always in control of your reports and data; they won’t put you in danger of violating rules and regulations. DataMaster truly gives you the right data at the right time for the right decision.

We would also like to ask if you can help us improve the quality of MRED data by entering your Appraiser Measured Square Footage into the MLS. Simply sharing your data with the MLS will make MRED data more useful to all who access the data. Please consider sharing your square footage measurement as you access MRED.